No Train. No Life!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I heard a song on Valentine's Day which I liked when I was younger but never knew the name of or who sung it. Surprisingly, it was Barbara Streisand. The song is "Woman in Love." So I got home and looked it up and turns out its written by the Bee Gees. Good deal.

With this presidential election coming up, it's so stupid listening to what people are talking about. Most people, typically, are regurgitating sound bytes, ideological rhetoric, or have some one-sided, highly mis-/uninformed opinion on issues. After that first Paris terrorist attack last year, Paris admitted that they needed to integrate and treat their immigrant/Muslim population better and not just to the outskirts of the city. For most Americans, they do not understand European politics, foreign policy, history itself, nor the social systems and welfare systems they have there and what that means to society at large. For instance, Paris' Muslims are pushed to the outskirts of the city where they can survive off the social welfare provided to them without interfering with everyday life of other Parisians. This is the same tactics in America's inner cities.

Here in America, an over-simplified version is that we have blacks and other minorities in parts of the city where most people do not have to interact with or once they are done with work can leave the downtown area and let them do whatever it is they do. This has not worked well as one could see because one leaves people isolated, disrespected, demonized, etc., it stirs up what is called the "culture of poverty." This phenomenon is not exclusive to blacks or other minorities. A recent example would be the rise of MS-13 and look how big those guys became and how that has affected the world.

So this makes no sense why all these other countries feel that by doing this to Muslim and Syrian refugees will do anything good. I understand Greece because of their economic situation, only because when the economy goes bad, it's always the immigrants that become targeted, not that that is excusable but I understand why they feel it is the right approach. I don't, however, understand the other Nationalist movements. I understand they may have some concerns, especially in Paris, but it does not solve anything to do what they are doing; nor in Finland, Germany, etc.

So back to America, I just read an article in the New York Times about Arizona and they university students targeting, throwing trash, beer receptacles, etc, at the mosque there. Yelling, "Terrorist! Go home!" or some shit like that. I understand unprocessed emotions/anger with things like San Bernadino but overall it's the residual effect of the cultural landscape our media, fueled by attention the current GOP candidates are generating (hence revenue for those media outlet and plus for the ideological spins they can attach to those as well). This is the responsibility of adults which is to be educated about their views on subjects such as these. But this is what people like Trump, Cruz, and Carson are creating and the zombies following their leads are allowing this rhetoric and attitude to justify their bigoted/racists comments and actions.

President Obama mentioned this in his "State of the Union Address" how this does not make peace and how it disrespects the millions of Muslims around the world who are peaceful, nor does it show respect towards the Muslim-Americans who serve in our armed forces. But to me, it also does not show respect towards the Muslim-Americans who highly do not represent what is shown on TV. This is because of the better access to education and economic prosperity available in our country, which should show us how the religion itself does not prove the radicalization of those militants in other countries.

It is hypocritical for Americans to justify anything their ideologies do that do not represent what it is, but yet qualify the opposition as a whole for the minority bad seeds. It also makes no sense since most Americans have not read the Qu'ran, understand the historical context of the religion when it was created and what that represented, and the political and cultural influences on those religions as well.

So in America when one demonizes or accuses or attacks one's belief, whether right or wrong, what is the expectation? It does nothing to work towards any solution but puts one on the defensive. Pete Ricketts is not for the Syrian immigrants which is stupid because we already have tons of refugees. Him saying that puts these refugees in a tough spot among the people they are trying to integrate with. Even if this generation does the right thing and does not negatively react to this and just works towards compassion and peace, does not guarantee their kids will be that giving. Bill Maher is a good example of this willful ignorance, blinded by his staunch atheistic views, when he attacks and demonizes Muslims as a whole, then defends his stance as the liberals being too sensitive or such. Aside from actively dismissing many Muslim on his show who try to explain to him, he actively does not agree. Admitted to not traveling in the Middle East, nor would he ever, doesn't read any Islamic authors. Even when Gloria Steinem mentioned what the Prophet did in his time (which was giving rights to women and poor people) he questioned that, saying he did not know that but that he would look it up (read this as talking to Sam Harris and Ayaan Hirsi-Ali).

Historically, oppressed people try peaceful solutions but get pushed and pushed until they get angry and fight back. Stokely Carmichael was a pacifist at first until he realized fuck this, the only way to be heard was to become militant. History is there for us to learn from and it is time for people to become educated. This election period is already taking turns from the scripted, contrived events so it seems the right time for people to actually start making a difference. Although I do not like labels and ideologies, no GOP should be voted in. Although, I will give Jeb Bush props for being the sane person in saying how we have Muslim allies we have to work with. This is the part Americans need to understand. We can have this American bravado and hubris; or Ted Cruz's willingness to bypass collateral damage as a necessity for fucking with America or starting an international war over other countries following legal protocol and diplomatically following through. We can, ourselves, use this machismo approach to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world while they unite in their hatred for us, or we can become smart, make an educated vote, and change how our country is run so we can fairly represent everybody and work towards a better foreign policy/relations.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Countdown to Extinction

The last week got scary as far as Trump and Cruz are total possibilities to win the candidacy for president. How does this fare with both parties? The Republicans are not liking either and picking sides but many are choosing Trump over Cruz because Cruz is one who will not work with Congress. Added to that, in my personal opinion, he's too religious to fairly represent the people fairly. For someone who holds the Constitution with supposed high regards. Just like those idiots in Oregon's stand-off. Cliven Bundy, the father of the idiots in charge, said how the federal government shouldn't be there and how "sons and other people there [are] trying to protect our rights and liberties and freedoms." These morons oppose the federal government, but they sight the Constitution (a federal document) and their rights via that document to justify their occupation and stand off.

One can go back further to see how these outliers in their party can gain such a strong hold is because of the monopoly put in place (via Coalition for Presidential Debates) to prevent any third party candidate participate in debates so these people with far different ideologies have to run under those names and now those nutbags are fucking them over. What did they expect to happen from the divisiveness they have been allowing to widen in the past several years.

This leads to a society who does not want to be informed but back their ideologies, however ineptly applied, no matter the expense - even if it means being deceitful. People like Trump and Cruz make shit up and apply whatever bullshit to an idealistic, ideological rhetoric and people go for it; doesn't matter when it gets debunked. I thought of this when Marc Maron introed this Monday's WTF with his rant about the Amy Shumer debacle I was unaware of.

I had listened to the episode where he did mention watching her recent special because he doesn't usually watch current ones because he likes to stay fresh and original with his bits. He did mention that she had a joke fairly similar to his and called her to mention that and she had said "parallel thinking" and they can talk about that on his show sometime. And that was that. Apparently, someone edited what he said and posted it somewhere to purposefully misrepresent what he said to push that person's agenda and now there's some mean-spirited, misogynistic backlash as a result. Maron then mentioned how the mention of Michael Moore on his show people were dismissive and said things like no thanks or "pass."

The first part of what Marc said bothers me because there is a difference between adding a bias to something because most people do not know how to objectively or critically analyze their approach towards an issue or how they hear or read something. So most times this biased application is unintentional and can be forgiven. The thing that is different is the purposeful manipulation of information or false representing of those to make a point or push an agenda. If one has to resort to those tactics, then they are assholes or trying to make a thing fit their ideology - which is the reason I do not like ideologies, labels, etc.

I am not perfect but do believe that my opinions and current beliefs are truer in that I believe first of all that they are current beliefs and can evolve with new information presented. But also, I like to research things and can critically read and listen to things and see what is fact from opinion and see where biases are or whose voice is missing from that conversation, etc. I also try to get as much first-hand information as possible.

The second thing with Maron's statement is about being dismiss of people with someone based on the idea of that person based on, usually, second-hand information; which they actually talked about in the interview. This is so frustrating because it is a lazy, uninformed way to approach something or form an opinion on. Second, but maybe firstly, these are usually held by people who have strong beliefs which they use to judge and act upon or just be fucking pieces-of-shits to other people (think Ted Cruz, Trump, and most of their angry, judgmental followers, Fox News pundits and their demographics, and most American church goers). But usually these end up being false, misrepresented, flat out lied about, etc.

One way to find this out, is to look at the main divisive issues out there and see those things on different publications, periodicals, networks, people. Then research them further by first-hand information or other documents or even other countries' reporting on those. One finds how these things are divide-and-conquer tactics from the real issues and how things are manipulated etc. But having candidates like Trump, Cruz (and outlets such as Fox News) and even the current situation with the Planned Parenthood issue where they pushed an ideological issue by lying and misrepresenting something. They even tried to entrap them and it still was totally legal. But it is all for fucking ideologies.

This is important because most people do not remember the follow up or fact checking (unless it supports their side), but more so now, people do not care and they justify or qualify such actions as necessary to save us from this evil that does not exist. Like, "Oh, that's just the New York Times" is the Republican answer to anything they write about them that's negative and people accept that as a valid answer. Even when we talk about our debt as being mostly medical people just start blaming Obama. There's no knowledge or wisdom behind that it's just that's the answer. Not the we have a Republican government in our state which refuses to expand Medicaid, or that insurance companies have a big presence here in our state, or that there is a big hospital/pharmaceutical industry in our city, etc. This is how something goes down a bigger hole which can more precisely explain a situation which easily gets dismissed with no solution by just blaming Obama.

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Second Amendment

Just the other day I got an email from school stating that President Obama was to speak there. I did a double take because it didn't seem likely that he would be speaking in Omaha, let alone at our new, ridiculous arena (I can't get student loans for living expenses or an education next semester). But 'twas true. I looked at ticket distribution and they were issuing public one Sunday from 3-8 pm. However, we had a wedding to go to at 2-6, leaving two hours. Because there were separate days with different times, I assumed there would be limited amounts at each distribution periods and areas.

Then our friend Dale posted that they had gotten tickets. We have been meaning to hang out with them for a long time but just too busy. He was at the Donald Trump rally protesting but I didn't notice him (more on that in a bit). So Jeanne decided to go see about getting tickets. I was going to go to school this morning for UNO student tickets but I could only get one so decided to go. We got to the Baxter Arena and they ran out but said the Kroc Center, which is near the Metro South campus had some left. So we decided to head there. We got there and I headed in with Ayana while Jeanne trailed behind carrying Masa. As they entered the guy closed the door behind her saying they were the last ones for tickets. As Ayana and I signed for our Jeanne got the last ones. I assumed for that day but as it came to be known, it was the last of all, save for the ones at school today which ran out by 11 am.

In the paper today, it had photos of the lines for the tickets on Sunday which filled up inside the arena and around the block. It did not mentioned the Fort Omaha Metro Campus but the Kroc Center was the same. After all that, those people waiting at northern-gusting, single-digit temperatures, I was surprised we were able to get some. Jeanne's friend saw one offer online offering $10k. If I saw that I would have sold mine. The current offers ranged from $5-50. As a result of this, though, school is cancelled on Wednesday for this

So at the wedding, I talked to my buddy Fa'iz. We talked about his chickens because we want to get some and his situation is similar to ours and it seems good for us to get some and should be easy. Added to that, I mentioned how I've been interested in hunting and have been reading up on it and have a future plan to go with Chad in Montana and/or the Dakotas (ultimately, Alaska); also, our midwife who lives up near Deadwood has a house in the mountains and she hunts as well. So we have several private land offers. But I also have never shot a gun, but wanted to bow-hunt since I've done archery many times and seemed cheaper and more attainable. Chad has gear and I would only have to worry about travel. Fa'iz said their kids' martial arts intructor has land and hunts and has invited him many times and asked if I was interested, which I said yes. It's the hunting I want to learn which is also processing it ourselves there, because ultimately I want to hike in mountains to hunt and process and carry it out and survive off the land.

Also, while talking to Fa'iz, he mentioned the Obama deal and I asked what the occassion was, as I had not read the news on my break. He said it was the post-State of the Union Address deal and since Brad Ashford went to UNO, he work this out. I like Brad Ashford for many reasons, but getting Obama to come is good. With all other political nonsense aside, I think it is great that Obama is coming here for a couple of reasons. One being that he has visited all 50 states but Nebraska was just to land at Offutt to campaign in Council Bluffs. But the other, based on that one, is that no presidents or candidates come here because Republican's (stupidly) don't need to and for Democrats, it don't make sense to.

I mentioned to Fa'iz how we had tickets to Donald Trump and stood in line with frozen toes and had to pee for over an hour only to be turned away near the door because the "fire marshall said [they] were at capacity." I found this suspicious because they issued tickets and why would they give more than necessary, it's not like an airlines. I watched the speech he gave which was posted on YouTube and he opened by saying, being an hour late already, that "thousands" of people are waiting to get in and asked if they should wait. Now, us being outside I can say there were a hundred or so people. I took all this as his typical style and figured they wanted to start already. Fa'iz said that there was a report the other day which said he does this for the cameras so they pan outside while he's speaking so it seems as if the rallies are bursting at the seams to see him. Smart man.

So the other thing at this rally was on the way to the line, checking out the merch-people with the "We Shall Overcome" buttons and me and Duffy not talking too much because our toes were frozen, we had to pee, and were kind of taking in the crowd and comments and trying not to say stuff which potentially could get us shot, we walked past the protesters. I just mentioned how ridiculous it is to protest because you're not changing minds. I could stand outside a Nickelback concert protesting how bad that band sucks, those people are still going in; however, our friend Dale was there. Now, he is different. He is more to the point where he would like to politely dialogue people. For instance, his sign said, "Iraq Vet against Trump," looking more for people to come ask why, as a vet, is he against Trump. Though, not surprisingly, he got "Traitor," "Terrorist," told to "get a job."

Once turned away, we headed quickly to Bass Pro Shops for warmth and to pee. Now, I've been to this store once, not to pee but just to observe since we were in the parking lot. However, I was quickly able to, without assistance, find the restroom, because I know how every fucking store is typically set up and restrooms are usually somewhere along the front wall or back. I paralleled this to people at the ice cream shop who come up to ask where they are. It's in the only other place it could possibly, reasonably be, you dumb fuck!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

"...'got to get the fuck out of here!'"

Alexander Payne came to Ted and Wally's yesterday. I had several things going through my head at the time because I do not like talking to especially well-known people unless I have something of value to contribute. Which, at a superficial level, is why I want to have my zine. I would like to have it on-hand to give to people and ones of a certain social-caliber I can ask for a quick interview without being - seemingly - intrusive.

So I'm standing there wondering whether or not to talk about the Desendents (movie, not the band). He asks for a sample of grape sherbet and vanilla bean. I give it to him. Order goes through and on and on and on...("falling down..."). The order comes to $9 and he gives me a ten and tells me to put the change in the tip jar. Now, this is important. It does not matter whether its $.01 or $10 to put in or whether his attitude comes from Conor Oberst doing the musical score on his Warren Buffet movie, but the fact is based on our societal situation and what tips mean, he acknowledged this and that means more and gives him more cred, to me, than any other thing. Even though current cultural influences and the likes helped his my opinion.

His female companion was about to drop her trash in the rock-salt deal but he stopped her, explaining why and asked me, "Where are your trash cans for this since these aren't for those?" Now, should I go into depth about, I told him where. Am I growing up?

So this is where my zine comes into play. I want to have some on hand to give to people and ask for an impromptu interview and not feel awkward.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The other week two great things happened. First off, on our trip to Des Moines for our niece's recital/X-mas performance, we stayed at our in-laws' and found out there is a floatation tank center there. Really want to try and book a couple sessions while there during our X-mas break. Secondly, on the way back on the highest caloric intake of the year, we stopped at our go-to stop at Wings of America to eat at Taco John's (because it's cheap). As we took the off ramp, there was a huge stop sign which had two red flags to either side of it and a "Do Not Enter" sign behind it. Ayana said, "Wow. That's a really stop sign."

The other good thing is that this may be happening. If so, this could be a good thing. I would only accept this if this is done with the person's best interests in mind. If this is done for a "cult-of-personality" deal or for profit, this would be disastrous and not worth it. I did some research and found a Native American Church which one could become a member and thereby be protected via Constitutional rights and participate in peyote ceremonies. Want to do this once I get money and look also into the Santo Daime and Uniao Do Vegetal Church. It seems rather silly the extent one has to go to participate in psychedelic ceremonies for finding a way to better them.

Took a break from reading about the Aztecs to read Magicians of the Gods and am now reading The Shadow of the Sun. Super good book. Everyone should read this. This goes through a lot of the historical, hence cultural political and geographical reasons for everything that goes on now and he goes about them from country to country all during the time of the end of colonialization. He is also one to live amongst the natives rather than a hotel to get a real perspective. He mentions child soldiers - why they exist, the warlords - how they become and why the exist and their goals; how any why coups happens and the steps involved and why; and a huge chapter on the history of Liberia and what led to today (this book came out in 1998 and 2001 in the US).

Got tickets to see Donald Trump in Council Bluffs next Tuesday and it should be fun. I want to get a hat. I want to piss off the liberal hipster kids with no valid political viewpoint. Speaking of, after the weather we've been having, it snowed this morning - all morning...about six inches. Powdery snow so could shovel easily. Nothing to do other than watch Star Wars so we cancelled that. After breakfast and lunch and lounging, we went out and I shovelled and we sled and they built a snowman while I finished shovelling the driveway and our neighbors. Roger folks left somewhere so I did theirs. Parents left on Monday and left Denver for Vegas today so they missed all this winter weather.

I've been meaning to do this for a while but have put it off for nearly 20 years, but I finally will finish it tonight. That is the True Romance trilogy which is Streetfighter, Return of the Streetfighter, and tonight is Sister Streetfighter. I had not seen Return of the Streetfighter before and now know the reference to Quentin's flashback scenes from Kill Bill.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"Who Let You In Here?"

If there is one way in which that trite "punk rock saved my life" adage could prove itself any real worth, it is for the ones who understood punk rock (and I use this term punk because of my familiarity with it - I do understand that the movement (who did not name itself as a movement) has been done many times over different eras, in different cultures - but, overall, for the same reasons) and applied their ideals to mainstream institutions to suss out what people seem to just accept and question something's existence and create something better with a stronger foundation or a better approach. This is from a counter-culture/cynical viewpoint where one does not accept things just as they’re given; but questions things – especially ones that do not make sense or ones that have obvious truths avoided. I see this in mainstays of cultural/societal institutions with regards to religion, drugs (psychedelics and cannibis, more specifically), and the genesis of our civilization where there are things which at earlier points of our history may have made sense; however, as time and technology and knowledge progressed, some things such as historical flood stories or (as presented in Magicians of the Gods) cataclysmic ones, folk or mythological stories and such start aligning themselves with evidence. But just as with uniformitarianism how it prevents mainstream scientists to resist or turn against new evidence which highly contradicts their orthodoxies, religion and other ideologies prevent people from seeing otherwise. I have been highly anticipating Magicians of the Gods for some time and am excited that it came in and Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson were on Rogan's podcast this week.

Sort of in this vein, Duffy wrote a good post. I especially like how he mentioned the Christianity aspect of it and how being around different types of people with different personalities (defects to go along with some) without anything being pointed out or an agenda being pushed aside from doing what they felt was right - which was treating people well. This is nothing new, especially to Christianity as Jesus did the same thing and hung out with the people who needed love and support. This is the reason that I distanced myself from organized religion and conservative-ideologies, because most (definitely not all) of these types of people are full of hatred, bigotry, hypocrasy, and mostly just angry people. Superficially, I would not want to be around these types. This is why even though we try our best with family and friends to be aware of the different faiths such as Episcopalian, Catholicism, Mormonism, Buddhist, etc. in order for them to see that what they hear and what gets portrayed in the media is not what is right. It is also the reason we are raising our children Muslim.

During September 11th, I lived in Los Angeles working for an Iranian with whom I got to know his family and friends quite well. Needless to say, between work and school and other friends and associates, I got to know Muslims, Arabs, Palestinians, Israelis (of many walks), and many others. So immersed was I in these associations that I was unaware of the bias and hate infiltrating our society via the right-wing hate machines and the so-called Christians and when I did catch up to that, I did not agree with it. Since then, our cultural landscape has changed tremendously especially with events in the Middle East and our side has done very little (if you go only by mainstream media) to help filter the ignorance. As I got to reading and understanding Islam more and meeting more Muslims, it appealed to me quite a lot and to my wife as well. So with children now, we do take them to other services when the occasion arises, but mostly we are raising them Muslim.

That being said, there is a huge misunderstanding and misconceptions about the religion and the people that is too deep and diverse to go into here. But anyway one looks at it, one must realize the cultural and societal differences in American and Europe and the Middle East. Without even getting into the cultural or political aspects that have diffused itself into the religion and the ignorances attached to it, one must even understand how countries treat their immigrants and minorities which is how Americans treat theirs; which is to isolate them and ignore them and allow them to exist on their own. There is a reason why American Muslims do not follow with those ideologies which in those other countries they get radicalized in prisons or elsewhere, same as how minorities do here. Added to that, Muslims in America have better social, economic and educational opportunities.

At the mosques and other gatherings, there is so much positive influences with the Islamic community where ever we have gone. Our kids have so much fun with the children there and we do not have to worry about relationship issues (boyfriend/girlfriend ones) and such with the kids there. Not saying it doesn't exist, but it less of an influence that one rarely sees and it is not a part of the religion and culture in a way where it gets talked about openly and in the way most Westerners talk about it, and we never have had a problem nor have we observed any of this. Our relationships there are great and if somebody has not seen you before, they go out of their way to say hello and make you feel invited and give you a plate of food. Others we see are just so positive and interested in what you are doing or how your family is doing. They may have just come back from a trip to their home country and they are so excited to tell you how fun the trip was and how great it was to see their family and wonder how is my family doing. I have conversations about politics and foreign policy for which they are well-versed about (way more than Americans with theirs) because they (or their families) are directly affected by things that happen everyday - not done with hate or vengeance, but with intelligence and sympathy for wrongdoings and affection for those people. They are not spouting hatred, bigotry, hypocrasy, gossiping, or any other negative influences which are all we ever see around most Christians and/or Conservatives. Why would we want to have our children associated with that type of environment? Angry, uneducated conversations about people they don't know and ones they don't like; cultures built around bad television and pop culture; set ideologies based on nothing but what sounds good with nothing to back it up. We have an idiotic governor who makes "increasingly poor decisions" based on fucking fifth grade-playground reasoning. Recently it is on turning away Syrian refugees. This is problematic in many ways, one of which is we are already a city with huge amounts of refugees from other countries, a lot of which are Muslims; so whether or not his plan goes through, it casts a negative view and, quite possibly, ramifications towards the refugees already existing in our city. Fortunately, unlike this idiot governor, many people in our city have several Muslim friends and do not seem to fall for his type of stupidity. I mean, this coming from a guy who doesn't want to legalize marijuana because it not only does he think it is "dangerous", the "use of K2...has spread and...the consequences of its use has been increasingly dire...[resulting] in over 100 overdoses." He uses this information to remind us how "dangerous marijuana use can be," not understanding that (aside from the knowledge that marijuana is not dangerous, especially with the exponential negative effects of alcohol) the reason K2 exists is because marijuana is illegal.

I personally associate more with Sufism, Gnosticism, and Shamanism which all base its tenets on what all religions started from which was being a better person, treating others well, and taking responsibility for your actions and how they affect other people. It puts a personal responsibility on you as a person to be a good person - all things missing from most (not all) organized religions and their (not all) followers.

The people who talk about what is making the world bad and all that nonsense always are the ones creating the division, hatred, bigotry out there. Being uncompassionate towards others without even understanding those they do not understand. All this fear and anger against the Muslims, how many of these people have taken the time to read the Koran and understand Islam's genesis and history? Or taken the time to get to know Muslims - and I'm talking about more than one and better to have ones from different countries to understand that a person's culture and the politics there have a huge impact on how one practices a religion. Even after all this, understanding the religion from its core meaning in the Koran itself and the original hadiths and the life of the Prophet Mohammed and how the religion was (like the others and taking into consideration the cultural landscape of the time and the historical and political contexts) which was tolerance and acceptance and making oneself a better person; but the big things then was giving women and poor people rights and protection. It is not surprising being that the religion was an extension of the other Abrahamic faiths and the Prophet received the Koran during meditation caused by isolation and sensory-deprivation and fasting - taking him to that higher-level of consciousness attributed to the Eastern religions and Shamanism with the use of psychedelics and/or meditation. These all lead people to become better people, treat others well, become humble and accepting, while being genuine; and this is the world I want my children to be a part of and the examples I want them to be raised with.

Friday, October 30, 2015

"Knibb High Football Rules"

The only reason I watch debates is, firstly, entertainment. Second, I need to see what the public is seeing and what public opinion is on things and, mostly, because I can be critical for people's thought on politics and issues. I only like that Trump had changed the debate towards a direction where the other candidates had to veer off-script on ad-lib to things they had not rehearsed or practiced with focus groups, etc.

So aside from Marco Rubio poorly execute coming off extemporaneously, he (which Chris Christie jumped on as well) changed the dynamics in a way where now any attack towards him or any GOP candidates about fact checks and obvious lies or hypocrisies will be attributed to that conservative, Republican angle which they always pull out and got the most applause which is the "liberal media" which he called the "Democrats' Super-PAC."

This will make the Republicans even more obnoxious and dangerous than the last batch.